Thursday, April 10th, 2008

Wherein I talk yet AGAIN about my ex-boyfriend’s engagement

In this post, we’ll refer to him as Hugh Jass. My pal Belinda called him that once over the summer, and if the shoe fits? Well, you know what they say.

So, we’ve covered that he called on Friday to tell me the news. And we’ve covered that I was NICE about it. What we haven’t covered is that I can’t stop thinking about it. In this case, I truly believe that ignorance may be bliss.

It’s not because I wish it was me. Because, nothing could be FURTHER from the truth. This was the hardest breakup I’ve had in my life, but I could not be happier that we are no longer together. He was controlling, hypocritical, insensitive, and a million more things that I can really do without. So, why is this haunting me?

I think this is it. I know the girl. We used to work together. I was cordial to her, we worked in the same department for heavens sake, but really? Not a fan. And, I remember toward the end of Hugh’s and my relationship, her name was mentioned more times than I am currently comfortable with.

And, here is where I make an accusation. I think Hugh started a relationship with this girl before he and I broke up. He and I broke up 9 months ago – that’s not very long to date someone before proposing marriage.

I know it does not matter now. And, it really only underlines the fact that Hugh and I should not be together. But, what it does do is remind me of how badly I want my happily ever after. I’m 29. I’m ready to settle down. My friends are getting engaged. They’re having babies. I’m reading blogs of people much younger than me who are married, and pregnant. I’ll never say it’s not fair, because I know that there is a plan for all of us. But, what is mine? When will it happen for me?

So, there you have it. My whining for the week night. Now pardon me, I am going to adjust my tv antenna in the hopes of getting The Office to come in clearly. Wish me luck


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  1. cc says:

    You may be right, but, you may be wrong. Shawn and I met and were married in less than 6 weeks when we got married. So even though it is highly unusual, it can happen.

    1. slynnro says:

      My parents got engaged a month after they met- it does happen. Either way, screw that guy.

      1. Abbie says:

        I’m 32 and I didn’t not meet anyone close to being the one until I was 31, and yes it sucks to see these 20 something year old women planning weddings, but like the other two commenters said, it could happen before you know it.
        Hang in there girl.

        1. Aimee says:

          I always figure that gives the 20 somethings a much bigger chance at being divorced too. :D But I could just be old and bitter (read: by old I mean 31 and by bitter I mean, definitely!)
          sounds like your ex and the not so likeable girl might just deserve each other.

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