Wednesday, May 14th, 2008

Does laser eye surgery correct droopy eyes?

Because this is totally a sex blog, these days, I’ve been contemplating trying out this online dating thing. I know, Guy, I KNOW: “Why date when you can vibrate.” But, a girl’s gotta eat, and I do like to get out of this apartment every now and again.

So, here’s the deal: in almost EVERY photo of me ever taken, ever, ever, ever, my right eye is mostly closed. This will NOT look attractive in my online dating profile. And, I’m not going to do one of those online fetish sites where guys look for girls like that.

Here are some visual aids for you all.

Baby, It's cold outside!
RhiRhi’s 29th Birthday. Everyone knows it’s rude NOT to try on the gifts you have just been given.

Eye Half Closed
Even with my new fancy camera, the eye still is halfway closed.
Tigger in his Parka
It was a very cold winter in Canby and that dog NEEDED a parka.

So, either I post photos like this in my profile ,or I figure out another plan:

My other option...
Maybe guys find the deer in headlights look hot?

So, my question to you is? Do you think laser eye surgery can correct my droopy eye? Or am I doomed?


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  1. slynnro says:


    1. Neva says:

      I don’t know but if you find out anything, let me know. I have the same problem with one of my eyelids.

      1. sizzle says:

        It’s funny what we notice about ourselves that others would never notice. I didn’t even see the eye until you pointed it out. I am like that with my one eyebrow that is more arched than the other.

        If it is something you are concerned about, how about taking a pic from the side or some sexy sidelong glancing kind of pose?

        1. Aimee says:

          I agree with sizzle. on all counts. except her eyebrow. lol I like your cupcake picture!! Post that one. :D

          1. Kate says:

            OMG, I have the same thing! I call it my “squinch eye”.

            1. SparklieSunShine says:

              I agree with Sizzle. I would have never noticed! I would never opt for the surgery though. Ouch. I’m pain phobic.

              1. Abbie says:

                Now that you mentioned it, it’s like your right eye is in the moment and your left a little mischevious, like it knows something the other eye doesn’t. It’s cute. Why would you want to change that. lol

                1. Amber says:

                  I have the same problem.

                  1. DeAnn says:

                    I think there is a third option: You look fabulous even with the eye droop (which is not even that noticeable, by the way). I like it. Submit, submit, submit. DATE!

                    1. Ash says:

                      Psshhhha! Don’t even think about changing it. It is a special “quirky” characteristic of you and it makes you even more fabulous. Btw- do I spy your new chair in the background?!?!?!? OMG- it’s done! I can’t wait to see in real life!
                      Call me! xoxo

                      P.S. Have you been receiving my texts? I haven’t heard a peep from you lately.

                      1. M&Co. says:

                        Do you mean MY right or YOUR right? Cause except for the one with the dog, I can’t really see what you are talking about.

                        And if I were single, I’d SO try on-line dating. Which one are you going to sign up for?

                        1. annie says:

                          I’m with all those who say nobody but you was really noticing it until you pointed it out. However, if you’re really hung up on this minor detail – is it actually droopy or is it squinched up? Eyes naturally squinch up when we smile, so maybe just a tad less wide of a smile will help that eye “relax.”

                          1. jennyonthespot says:

                            Ahem. I would not have noticed if you didn’t point it out…

                            I have an eye like that – for my whole life.

                            I have become obsessed with finding others with my/our same condition – especially celebs. It seems WE are the normal folk – just start lookin’. Even Desmond on Lost – and he’s a hottie!

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