Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

But on the other hand

I love living alone.

But, on the other hand, I hate having to wait for the boy to come over after work. I hate that there is nobody to blame for the coffee being out. Have you tried to put a duvet cover on by yourself? It is HARD.

In the same respect, I love that the boy and I have decided not to live together until we’re married (if we decide to marry, that is).

But, on the other hand, I hate having to call him to tell him silly things. I wish I could instead just turn to him on the couch to tell him said silly thing. I hate packing a bag to go stay at his house. I hate not waking up next to him every single morning.

I love my job.

But, on the other hand, I hate my commute. I miss leaving my house at 7:15 and arriving at work at 7:30. Now, I leave my house at 7:15 and barely arrive by 8:00. (Please note, this is the only thing I miss about old job).

I’m proud of the way I “turned out,” despite having a really tumultuous childhood.

But, on the other hand, I didn’t deserve what my mother put me through. At 30 years old, some things still haunt me. I wish I had memories of a happier childhood.

I’m thrilled with the relationship my father and I have.

But, on the other hand, I’m sad that it took as long as it did for us to get here.

I love having this blog for the friendships it’s fostered and the release it provides.

But, on the other hand, I wish I’d kept some things back.


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  1. Amanda says:

    And now you know EXACTLY what it’s like to have kids.

    Well said, rhi.

    Amanda’s last blog post..This pretty much sums up my weekend

    1. HollyLynne says:

      Ah, good old living alone. I FREAKING LOVED IT. My boy and I agreed not to move in together until we were engaged (on the basis that I’d lived with two boyfriends prior and I was NOT gonna go through that bs again without a ring on it!). It isn’t to say that I don’t love living with my husband now, but I loved every single minute of living in my own home, decorating it exactly how I wanted to, and even being 100% in charge of what was (or wasn’t) in the pantry. Good times, for sure!

      HollyLynne’s last blog post..Makings and Quakings

      1. sizzle says:

        Ah the pros and cons of life. ;-) I suppose you could go back and delete what you don’t want out there if it bothers you? I’ve certainly thought of doing that before.

        sizzle’s last blog post..Enter For a Chance To Win

        1. Kristabella says:

          Don’t be sad that about it taking long for you and your dad to have a good relationship! Be happy that you DO have a good relationship. TRUST ME on that one.

          I’m scared that since I’ve lived by myself for like pretty much my whole adult life, that if I ever do get married or move in with a dude, I will not like it and make him get a separate bed. Because I’ve grown used to sleeping right down the middle.

          Kristabella’s last blog post..Mary Jane, I Am Not In Love With You

          1. Kate says:

            Doesn’t being an adult suck sometimes?? The decisions, they’re just so HARD.

            Kate’s last blog post..Lost & Found

            1. Kaleigha says:

              I definitely liked living alone (for the whole two months that I did it before the wedding:), but it is pretty awesome living with your best friend.

              Kaleigha’s last blog post..I have a crush…

              1. Sitcomgirl/Pomegranaterain says:

                I’ve often regretted some things I’ve released on my blog, but that’s what it’s there for and I wouldn’t go back and delete it. Living alone is good, I miss it sometimes.

                1. Angella says:

                  This is awesome, Rhi. I have these conversations in my head all the time.

                  Angella’s last blog post..A Partial Cleanse

                  1. Blythe says:

                    Well said. I sometimes have to remind myself that striving for the perfect situation in any area of my life (job/house/relationship/whatever) is futile.

                    Blythe’s last blog post..Checking it twice

                    1. slynnro says:

                      Enjoy the alone living while you can. I love my husband and waking up next to him, but damn I miss having my own place sometimes.

                      slynnro’s last blog post..Recs! I Need Recs!

                      1. Christine says:

                        I used to be a lot more open on my blog, I set some things that I wrote years ago to “Private”. That being said, I feel like I know you and I love your openness. (Is that a word?)

                        Christine’s last blog post..Rain Rain Go Away

                        1. Sarah says:

                          I am so at that stage with my boy. I like that it’s MY house, but this half living together thing is such a weird limbo.

                          Sarah’s last blog post..If the Cy Young were voted on right now, it would go to

                          1. Jessica says:

                            Just found your blog and I love it! By the way, I waited until I was engaged to live with my now-husband. It was partly because I didn’t want to risk going through a horrible move-out/break-up, but it was also partly because I loved living alone! I totally feel you on this one! :)

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