Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

BlogHer 09: The Not Awesome

I’ve been trying to put my BlogHer ’09 experience into words for the past couple days and I’m really not sure that I’ll ever be able to do it in the way that I want to. There were awesome experiences and then not so awesome experiences. I think I’ll start out my sharing my not favorite things, and then later one, we can move on to my VERY favorite things. And, I have a lot of very favorite things.

  1. No recycling in the hotel rooms at the Sheraton. I’m an Oregonian. We really enjoy recycling here. It bothered me that there wasn’t a little blue bin in the room for recycling paper and plastic bottles. Call me crazy, but I have extreme guilt after throwing something away that could be recycled. Which is why I took a million little pieces of paper home, which now reside in my recycling bin. Roll your eyes if you must.
  2. Not everyone is a MommyBlogger. On Friday’s lunch, my dearest Kaleigha suffered a yucky burn on her leg from the lights at the Ragu Lunch.  We went for a walk around the exhibit hall and noticed that Johnson & Johnson had a large first aid kit on the table that they were raffling off. We thought that maybe, just maybe they had bandaids or some similar first aid swag, because you know, LARGE FIRST AID KIT ON THE TABLE. They did not, which was fine, BUT, the person staffing the table said to us, “Are y’all Mommy Bloggers?” I told her, “No, we don’t have kids.” And, she replied, “Oh, so what do y’all blog about?” Seriously? I should close this blog shouldn’t I? Because I have no children, therefore nothing to write about. A little staff training goes a long way.
  3. Be nice to the volunteers. This is totally different than the other swag debate that’s going on, but on Friday, Kerri and I were working at the table where you pick up your lanyard, BlogHer pin and swag bag. Unfortunately, during this time we ran out of swag bags. Most people were very gracious about not receiving their bag, you know, probably because it was full of stuff that nobody really NEEDS. But, the couple that were nasty were really nasty. One lady stared down her nose at us and said, “Not very organized, ladies!” Another told us that she paid good money to come here and she deserved her effing swag bag. To which I say, if you’re attending a conference just to get a bag of crap and not to actually learn something and meet people, then I suggest you take a look at yourself. I’ve worked in marketing my entire career, and a portion of that time has been spent doing events and I’ve never had anyone be that mad about not getting swag, and I’ve been at conferences in which we gave out leather TUMI bags. I’m sorry you didn’t receive the bag containing the Mr. Potato Head, but your anger is misplaced, and all you accomplished was making a volunteer really mad at you. Oh, and also, to that one Mean Lady? Loralee would like to see you. *Edited to add: Wondering if the tantrum throwers are the same women who were complaining over pre-show marketing? That’s a whole other topic for a different day.

There you have it: my three not awesome things. Next up: H&M, Friends, Best Dinner Ever, Wiener Whistles and how excited I am for BlogHer ’10 already.



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  1. Kerri Anne says:

    Also, I’d like to talk to the person who dumped the swag bags into the boxes UPSIDE DOWN. So glad we were together at the reg. desk, babe. I think I would have gone crazy (on some beyotches) without you.
    .-= Kerri Anne´s last blog ..Confessions Of A Movie-Going Mind =-.

    1. Janssen says:

      I don’t think that’s crazy at all – it KILLS me to throw away paper or other recyclable things.
      .-= Janssen´s last blog ..Festival! =-.

      1. Astacia says:

        The no recycling thing bugged me, too. I remember seeing billboards on the way in and thinking that it was good to see other big cities getting their recycling initiatives going. Sheraton obviously missed that meeting.

        I hope the swag whores got their fill and will stay home next year.
        .-= Astacia´s last blog ..I’m coming home =-.

        1. Kaleigha says:

          Had a blast with you love!

          1. Kristin Hanes says:

            So what types of things to you learn at a blogging conference? Is it like a writer’s workshop? I also HATE not recycling, I have major feelings of guilt whenever I visit Texas
            .-= Kristin Hanes´s last blog ..Sunny, Sunny Summertime =-.

            1. Darcey says:

              What about the Pepsico guy on YouTube that herbadmother linked to that admitted all of their recycling went into the trash bin?

              And the lack of swag recycling on Sunday, after everyone was given a chance to sort through their stuff?

              And the woman who elbowed sweet baby Ezra in the face?
              .-= Darcey´s last blog ..Improving your plugin – Changelogs =-.

              1. BlogHer recap roundup » mamikaze says:

                [...] Rhi In Pink [...]

                1. sizzle says:

                  Whenever I go to a town that isn’t big on recycling I think to myself how we’re never going to win the battle if EVERYONE doesn’t get on board. West Coasters can’t fix the world even if we try.

                  .-= sizzle´s last blog ..A Tryst =-.

                  1. bethany actually says:

                    This is only tangentially related to anything you wrote, but it’s funny and I think you’ll appreciate it. My friend Erin (whom you’ve met! and who is also an ecologically-conscious Oregonian) was telling me the other day that she thinks her friend Tara is disappointed in her because she isn’t hippie enough. Incredulous, I said, “But you live in Oregon! You’re one of the greenest states in the country! The only place that might be more hippie is…oh, Northern California, which is where Tara lives. Right.”

                    Dunno, maybe you had to be there. :-)
                    .-= bethany actually´s last blog ..Annalie’s very special bedtime prayer =-.

                    1. Dawn says:

                      Sorry, didn’t see a link to email you so leaving a comment. Saw your comment over on Melissa’s blog and wanted to let you know there is a weekly meet up of Portland Knitting Bloggers, PDXknitbloggers – they meet every Wednesday on the west side. Super friendly group and certain to help you with that heel. If you want the details email me!
                      .-= Dawn´s last blog ..I know, I’m a terrible patient =-.

                      1. Kristabella says:

                        Man, having moved back from California to Chicago a few years ago, I understand. My old apartment building JUST was able to recycle (don’t ask, weird city rules) like a year before I moved out. I used to tote recyclables up to my brother’s house.

                        So great to see you! I miss you! COME BACK!
                        .-= Kristabella´s last blog ..Yet Another Post-BlogHer Recap – 2009 Edition =-.

                        1. Angela @ Lost In Splendor says:

                          Wow. That must be an Oregon thing. I have to be honest with you Rhi. I have been in hotels up and down the East Coast from 1 star to 5 stars and I have never ever seen a recycling bin in any of the rooms. Sorry! You guys need to spread all the recycling love around a bit more. Do you know they don’t even pick up recycling where I live? There are no blue bins!

                          No children??? My lord! What could you possibly be doing with your life?

                          Not nice people can suck it.

                          1. Angela @ Lost In Splendor says:

                            You better be going next year, btw because it is in NYC which is a mere 2 hours from my home.

                            1. rhiinpink says:

                              Not at all an Oregon thing – I travel a ton and see them all over the place.

                              1. slynnro says:

                                I’m really glad I didn’t know about the swag hagging until I got home.
                                .-= slynnro´s last blog ..So I went to this thing in Chicago…. =-.

                                1. shelli says:

                                  But what did you REALLY say to her – being an adoptive mom, I’ve had LOTS of practice in coming up with snarky ass comebacks. I hope you DID put her in her place, dear!

                                  And are you coming to blogher10? IN NYC? :) :) :)
                                  .-= shelli´s last blog ..laughed so hard, I cried =-.

                                  1. Deb says:

                                    Crap, I didn’t get a TUMI bag!!!!

                                    1. Sylke says:

                                      I wonder if “Mean Lady” is the same one who yelled at the Crocs guy for running out of shoes. http://nosenseoftime.org/2009/07/threatened-at-blogher/

                                      1. jennyonthespot says:

                                        Swaghags. Brass knuckles might be an effective teacher next year. Just kidding. Not really, but kind-of, maybe…

                                        I LOVED the volunteers. They were the prettiest I had ever seen. I was even nervous to come ask questions, but then I found myself just making up questions just so “they” would have to talk to me. *swoon* Those volunteers were so nice and helpful and informative, and FUNNY! You don’t even know. *cheesy grin & blinking*
                                        .-= jennyonthespot´s last blog ..Original Versus Old =-.

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