Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

Things to Do in Portland, Oregon with an Infant

One of the hardest things for me (and probably anyone) about becoming a stay at home mom is the lack of adult interaction during the day. My baby is the greatest thing since sliced bread, but he’s really  not much for conversation just yet. As a former Oregon tourism professional, it really shouldn’t have been hard for me to find fun “adult” things to do outside of the house with my baby, but it really was. There are a ton of “baby” things to do around town and we do plenty of those, but what about meeeee? It sounds truly silly, but I think sometimes I “forget” how to talk to other people about non-baby things. These activities are a great way to practice your non-baby conversation skills.

Baby Bootcamp at Laurelhurst Park – I found out about Baby Bootcamp when Katie, the owner of the franchise on my side of town came to my New Moms’ Group. I won a free month and then did nothing with it, all the while whining about being squishy. I finally FINALLY went and was really glad that I did. Laurelhurst Park is within walking distance of my house, so we get a little warm up in on the way over and then an awesome workout in a beautiful setting. The other moms are SO supportive and encouraging. For now, the only challenge is that Henry is a very early riser and is usually ready to go down for his nap right when class is about to start.

Baby Hour at Portland Art Museum – On the first Tuesday of every month, the Portland Art Museum has “Baby Hour.” My girlfriend and I went with our babies earlier this month and had a great time. You tour a particular collection with a docent (this time it was digital photography) and learn about how to enjoy art with your children and then you go up to a room where the babies can roll around on the floor and slobber on toys. This is kind of spendy, especially if you want to do it every month – $15. A museum membership is $55 and if after Baby Hour you decide you’d like to come again, you can apply the $15 to a membership and then only pay $5 on your next visit. The entire museum membership is tax deductible. We joined, so you can expect to see us at Baby Hour every month.

Mommy Matinee at the Kennedy School – I never, ever go to the movies. I like seeing movies, but we just never think of going. But, in the past month I’ve been to the movies FOUR TIMES. The Mommy Matinee is pretty much the best thing ever and I’m sad that I didn’t start going sooner. If you’re from Portland, you’re likely very familiar with McMenamins and seeing super cheap movies there. On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 2:30 you can see a super cheap movie AND bring your baby. If you have a younger baby, they’ll probably sleep. My baby does not, but he’s usually in the mood for a cuddle. And, at $3 it’s a great deal.

Mom/Baby Yoga at Yoga Shala - This is something that is probably better to do if you have a tinier baby. We tried this out yesterday with some new friends (YAY FOR MOM FRIENDS!) and Henry is probably too old for it as he’s not very content to sit on one spot for very long. But, it was really great to reconnect with my body and let go of some of the expectations of myself that I have been holding on to.  It’s $12, but if you’ve never been to Yoga Shala before, you can take advantage of the $20 new client special, which gives you unlimited classes for 2 weeks. I may try to get to a grownups only class before my two weeks are up.

I hope to be able to add to this list in the coming weeks. If you have any other ideas for us, please let me know!



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  1. Janssen says:

    What a great resource! Time to move to Portland :)

    1. Erin says:

      Great list!
      I totally missed out on the art museum, and now there are several years before it’ll be safe to try taking my little wild one there!
      Erin´s last blog post ..Sunny Winter Day

      1. Megan says:

        Book Babies at the library was / is a favorite of mine.

        1. Home Sweet Sarah says:

          What awesome stuff! I love it when places are baby-friendly, ESPECIALLY when they think to have baby-centric things (not that I’d know about any of that in my little town, but dare to dream.)
          Home Sweet Sarah´s last blog post ..Oh yeah, I have a new kitchen…

          1. Angella says:

            Good for you for doing this! You’re such a good Mom/tourism guide. :)
            Angella´s last blog post ..I Have A Dog In This Fight

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