Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

My Go-To Recipes as of Late

I used to fancy myself a pretty good cook. Then, I took a job with a killer commute and pretty much stopped cooking. Who wants to START dinner when they get home at 7? Not me. Now that I’m home, I feel like I should probably try to put something on the table for my husband most nights. Here are some recipes I’ve had some success with lately.

Chicken-Meatball Yakitori - Oh my goodness, these were fantastic. I served them with yakisoba noodles and some stir fried vegetables. Easy-peasy.

Maple Mustard Chicken – This is not the prettiest picture ever, but this chicken is FANTASTIC. And, it’s easy. I put a few chicken breasts in the marinade mid-morning and Bill grilled them when he got home.

Blueberry Boy Bait – Again with the crappy food photography. I needed something simple to make for a playdate and I had a ton of frozen blueberries from my Papa’s garden. SO VERY YUMMY.


Chorizo Stuffed Poblano Peppers – I made these a few weeks ago with some crappy grocery store chorizo. They were good, but I knew if I used better chorizo they’d be awesome. So, this week, I got some great chorizo from our local butcher and whipped these up. This time, I added a bit of corn and black beans to make them a bit heartier. This was an excellent addition. The peppers that I bought were a bit small, so I had leftover filling that I made a couple burritos with for lunches. Please make these. You will not be sorry.
Penne with Basil, Sausage and Mustard -This recipe is by no means light, but it is by ALL MEANS very, very delicious. As Crist says, it’s definitely a “treat” recipe rather than an every week meal. It is great for leftovers, if you’re into that kind of thing.

So, what have you been cooking?


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  1. jcristg says:

    annnd now i want pasta with sausage and mustard.
    (and i’m CRACKING UP that watergate salad is showing as my latest post. NO SHAME, RHI.)(tina will die.)
    jcristg´s last blog post ..watergate salad.

    1. Sneaky Tina says:

      It has been AT LEAST 3 weeks since I made that pasta, and even longer since I’ve made those stuffed peppers. Guess both of those will be going on my menu for next week!
      Sneaky Tina´s last blog post ..watergate salad.

      1. Sneaky Tina says:

        For the record, I almost did not include the URL for our website, because I was so embarrassed that that “salad” would show up as our most recent post.
        Sneaky Tina´s last blog post ..watergate salad.

        1. Kristabella says:

          Everyone should make that blueberry bread. It was AMAZING.
          Kristabella´s last blog post ..Make It Rain

          1. Erin says:

            Oh, I cannot wait to make blueberry boy bait.
            I went on a rhubarb crisp baking streak recently (so delicious! so easy! SO MUCH SUGAR!) and last night I made poached salmon with roasted corn and bell pepper salad. A lot of our meals are a little more uninspired these days- well rounded and healthful, but usually something I can make super fast (before a certain someone can climb the bookcase and unpack a box of tissues)- so we eat more pasta than I’d like, but that penne looks fabulous :-)
            Erin´s last blog post ..Sunny Winter Day

            1. sizzle says:

              I need to get one of those grills for the stove top. What kind do you have? Do you like it?
              sizzle´s last blog post ..Dotted Line

              1. Angella says:

                Oh, I love new recipes. Those stuffed peppers look AMAZING.
                Angella´s last blog post ..Outdoorsy

                1. Janssen says:

                  Oh these look fantastic! Thanks for sharing – you should do this more often!
                  Janssen´s last blog post .."Looks Like Lenny’s Going Fishing"

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