Monday, November 19th, 2012

How To: Balloon Wreath

I saw this super cute balloon wreath on Pinterest and thought I’d give it a try for Henry’s first birthday party. There are a TON of other balloon wreath tutorials, but I found that they all grossly underestimated the amount of supplies needed to complete the wreath. Not having enough supplies sent me to the craft store three times,which is enough to drive a girl crazy. Especially when you have to pay to use a cart at your craft store. So, here’s an accurate tutorial on how to make your own super cute balloon wreath.

Disclaimer: balloons are expensive so this wreath was not cheap to make.


  • About 400-450 balloons (Check your local dollar store, mine did not have them but it’s certainly worth a try)
  • Straw Wreath
  • About 400-450 greening pins
  • Ribbon (I used two spools)
I highly recommend you have something good on your DVR and a delicious beverage (and perhaps a snack) handy.
Step One: Wrap your wreath in ribbon. I left the plastic on mine and I suggest you do the same unless you want straw all over your house.


(here is where I ran out of ribbon and had to run to the craft store for the first time)

Step Two: Place a greening pin over a balloon and push into the wreath. Repeat 400-450 times. And, that’s it!


Almost done! (and here is where I ran out of greening pins and had to run to the craft store for the second time)

But, really. You’ll periodically want to hold your wreath up and rotate it so that you can see where there are holes or less full areas. You’ll want to make sure that the greening pins are pressed all the way into the wreath, otherwise the balloons will slip around and look funny.

Finished! Cheesy sombrero clip art not included.

While this wasn’t the cheapest of crafts, it really is cute and I love that I’ll be able to use it for birthdays to come.


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  1. Kristabella says:

    So cute! And awesome that it is reusable!
    Kristabella´s last blog post ..Hard Part

    1. Nanette says:

      Soooo cute! Another friend who made one after seeing it on Pinterest also lamented about the number of balloons it actually required. Oh, and I think hers actually snapped in half from the weight of so many balloons. Crazy!
      Nanette´s last blog post ..My Maternity Must-Haves

      1. Kar says:

        I made a balloon wreath too!!! I LOVE how yours turned out!! My fingers were killing and cracked by the time I finished the wreath.

        I think I will add more details to my post about the amount of supplies ( I also had to make numerous trips to the store)…. haha If you want to check it out here’s the link:

        1. Kenz says:

          I’m stopping by from AP’s link up… Loving your blog!! :)

          I’ve never seen this wreath before, but it’s SO insanely cute!! And you’re right – it’s so versatile!! You can use it for future birthday’s for sure!! Love it!!
          Kenz´s last blog post ..Hey, that’s Pintastic!

          1. Stefanie says:

            I have seen those before, but never had the patience to make one. So cute!

            1. Angella says:

              So cute! You are so crafty. :)

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