Tuesday, December 11th, 2012

Best Birthday Gift Ever

Henry took his first steps weeks ago and has been taking two or three steps at a time for about the past week but didn’t really seem interested in really “walking.” Turns out, he was saving it all up for a special occasion, because yesterday he did this.

The squealing is the best part.


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  1. jcristg says:

    jcristg´s last blog post ..classic deviled eggs.

    1. Kristabella says:

      This is seriously the video I’m bookmarking to watch when I’m in a crappy mood! IT IS THE BEST! LOVE HIM! And you!

      1. Liz says:

        So adorable! Where did you get your pen and floor tiles? I need to set up a little baby octagon in the next couple of months and that one is super cute!
        Liz´s last blog post ..A Christmas Story

        1. sizzle says:

          Oh my goodness that is the sweetest thing ever. Go Henry!

          1. Chris says:

            Yay Henry! So cute!!!!

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