Friday, January 11th, 2013

Friday Bullets.


A quick snuggle at the Children’s Museum.

    • Henry had his very first dentist appointment this week! He did not love it, but he did pretty well considering there was a strange lady with her fingers in his mouth. We learned that in addition to the four teeth that we knew about, he just cut his 1-year molars and both his lateral incisors and canines are about to come in. Poor guy! 
    • You might be thinking “It’s pretty early to take your kid to the dentist, Rhi.” BUT, No! It’s not early. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentists recommends that the first appointment take place right around a child’s first birthday. I’m glad we went and hope that early/often dental visits will make for stress-free appointments in the future.
    • Thank you so much for your feedback on my last post. It’s good to know I’m not alone. Hopefully this will pass quickly and my guy will be back to eating regular foods. For now, we’re hiding peas in quesadillas and grilled cheese sandwiches.
    • I should note that we went to pizza on Wednesday and Henry ate almost three slices but then refused pizza leftovers for lunch the next day. 
    • I’ve done a great job with cooking and keeping the house fairly organized this week. I have not done a great job with exercising. Better luck next week, hopefully.
    • While it wasn’t on my list of 2013 goals, I’m trying to pay more attention to how I spend money and what I spend it on. Rather than making impulse buys, I’d like to instead shop from a list of needs/wants. For instance, I have a totally ridiculous blouse in my cart at Anthropologie. I do not need it. What I do need is a new black belt. Have you done this and had success with it? 


  • That bullet was a horrible segue into this one. Check out Henry’s new Valentine’s Day jammies. Cutest thing ever.
  • My baby is 14 months old today? Impossible!
  • I’m in denial about this, but I think Henry is trying to drop his morning nap. I was hoping he’d hold onto it for a few more months. Sleep was a pretty big struggle for us for a long time and I am not ready for naps to be a struggle again just yet. 
  • What are you up to this weekend? Henry and I are going to a birthday party for one of his buddies (Hi Arthur!) and I’m planning on having a brunch with a girlfriend on Sunday. Hope whatever you decide to do is great!


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  1. Kristabella says:

    As someone with horrible teeth, I say take them as early as you can! Because it will hopefully save you a BUTTLOAD of money in the future!

    This weekend I have a baby shower on Sat and then am going to see my mom and sister on Sun and get my Simba back!
    Kristabella´s last blog post ..Just The Tip

    1. Megan @ Mama Bub says:

      For us, dropping the morning nap made sleep easier. Consolidating into that one long nap was really helpful, but stressful while it was happening. Of course, right now we’re in a major nap struggle, so what do I know.
      Megan @ Mama Bub´s last blog post ..Playroom Organization: Halfway there

      1. sizzle says:

        I’m on a no spending in January commitment. I usually just pin stuff that I like and then if I’m still thinking about it, I’ll get it (maybe). I’ve been buying things I don’t really need so this break from buying has been putting that into perspective.

        I’m off for a girls weekend in a few and I cannot wait!

        1. Erin says:

          Dropping the morning nap might turn out to be more fun than you think! It was a bit of a pain to do the actual dropping, but after the initial adjustment it has been really nice! More time for fun with friends, super easy to put down for afternoon nap & bedtime etc… Though I definitely sympathize because I can see the end of the one & only nap in the not too distant future and I do not like it one bit.

          This weekend I’m taking Lydia to her first dance class!
          Erin´s last blog post ..New Uses for Old Things

          1. Angella says:

            The switch to one nap is hard, but once they adjust it’s kind of awesome.

            LOVE those jammies!
            Angella´s last blog post ..Minor Annoyances

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