Friday, January 25th, 2013

Things I Don’t Want to Forget: Months 13 and 14

13 Months!

And, suddenly I’m the mother of a toddler. While I’m so nostalgic about the days when I could cuddle him for hours on end, this stage is really so much fun. He’s a person with preferences and ideas which is just amazing. It is truly a gift to be this little boy’s mother and get to watch him grow up.

Henry took his first steps way back in October, but took his own time to actually walk. He’d take one or two steps here and there, and then took three or four steps a couple weeks ago. But, it turns out he was saving it all up for a very special day because he really, really WALKED on my birthday. Excellent work, Henry. Excellent work.

New signs are coming fast and furiously. In the past few weeks, he’s learned “baby” (usually to refer to the Baby Jesus in his Little People Nativity), “duck” (first signed at Music Together when his teacher told us to walk like ducks), and “light” (ALL THE TIME. ALL OF IT.). He’s finally signing “more” in context and will use it instead of “eat” to tell us when he’s hungry.

One of my “tricks” for keeping Henry still on the changing table is to sing Beehive from his Music Together class. When I start singing “Here is the beehive, but where are the bees…” he’s started buzzing. It kills me.

And, speaking of Music Together, his favorite part of class is usually not the music but instead the prime roaming opportunity in the giant classroom. Before Winter break, he was still crawling and he’d cover every inch of that floor. During one class, the teacher suggested that all the kids crawl around like Henry. As everyone was crawling on the floor, he stopped crawling and looked at everyone like, “What are all you crazies doing?” Later on in the same class, the teacher got out giant drums and he stood up, leaned over the drum and banged his little hands on it like it was his job.

He’s started to pat my arm or back when I pick him up for a snuggle just like I pat his back to soothe him. I feel like my heart might burst when he does this.

Meal time has been a bit of a struggle lately, but every so often Henry will get really excited about his food. The other day he saw me remove a Babybel cheese from the refrigerator and got so excited that he started flapping his arms and yelling.

He can say mama, dada, cat, ball and duck. He calls most animals either ducks or cats.


(Note: I bought the 2nd year pack of onesie stickers as I know that his appearance will continue to change over his second year of life. What I did not consider was the difficulty of getting a toddler to sit still on a chair for a series of pictures. SO, the 13 month picture might be the last one. We’ll see.)


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  1. Amy says:

    We LOVE Music Together – the bee song in particular. And yes, my daughter spends some portion of every class roaming the room. So funny.

    1. Rhi says:

      I’m glad to hear my kid isn’t the only one who won’t stay put!

      1. Kristabella says:

        So adorable!

        I remember when another blogger’s kid was about that age and the monthly photos were always AWESOME. They just end up being outtakes since no kids that age can sit still!
        Kristabella´s last blog post ..Halfway

        1. sizzle says:

          He’s so cute. SO CUTE! Those little moments where he “gets” the things you’ve been showing him? I can understand how your heart would burst.
          sizzle´s last blog post ..Being Neighborly

          1. A. says:

            The second year of monthly photos was so insane. He would not sit still! I made it to 2 years and then quit that charade. :)

            1. Nanette says:

              I miss you guys so much!

              And, boy oh boy, Henry is THE cutest!

              1. Janssen says:

                I wish I’d kept taking pictures of Ella for another year (although she probably doesn’t.. . ).
                Janssen´s last blog post ..Venturing into the Great Outdoors (in the loosest possible terms)

                1. ashley says:

                  I just found your blog from your guest post on The Tichenor family blog! I just had to post and tell you how ADORABLE Henry is! So cute!

                  1. Shamelessly Sassy says:

                    The tie is TOO adorable. I can’t get past it!
                    Shamelessly Sassy´s last blog post ..Roller Rally: When I Dip You Dip We Dip

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