Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013

Tuesday Bullets

    • Happy Tuesday! Hoping you enjoyed the long weekend (assuming you had a long weekend). 
    • I didn’t accomplish a whole lot this weekend as I felt a little under the weather on Sunday and Monday, but I got a lot of rest. 
    • Looking to make your child’s day? Head to IKEA and pick up one of these circus tents. We bought this for Henry on Sunday and watching him play in it is the most fun. 


  • Our oven has been ruining my life for quite some time now. It cooked our Thanksgiving turkey too quick, Christmas dinner too slow and has caused us to eat past 8 p.m. on several occasions. Shortly after Christmas, we ordered a new one (a big, professional size one!) and it’s finally arrived. But, because it’s a gas range, we have to have someone out to unhook the old range, cap the gas line and then someone back out to hook up the new range once it’s delivered. Not a big deal, except I completely forgot about all of this when shopping for this week’s meals. Let’s just say there will be a lot of improvisation going on while we’re oven-less. Thank goodness for our beloved new toaster oven!
  • Last week, while Bill was out of town, the lightbulb in Henry’s overhead light fixture burnt out. Of course, I am very handy (HA) and can change lightbulbs,  so I was not bothered by this. Except when I put the new lightbulb in, nothing happened. I checked the circuit breaker to see if we had blown a fuse and ALMOST called an electrician when I still couldn’t get the light to turn on. Well…I am glad I didn’t. Bill came home and found that um, the lightbulb wasn’t all the way into the socket. I changed diapers by the light of a very small bedside lamp for THREE DAYS you guys. Sheesh.
  • Someone needs to buy this dress. I would, but I think it’s a smidge dressy for baby music class.
  • Do you have anything exciting going on this week? I’m having dinner with a couple gals on Friday night and also going to the Young House Love book signing at Rejuvenation on Saturday. TWO GROWN-UP THINGS IN ONE WEEK! I might burst with excitement.


Comments on this post

  1. Meaghan says:

    Your pictures of Henry in his new tent are adorable! And double yay for your grown up outings!

    1. Kristabella says:

      I love the tent! His excitement is priceless!
      Kristabella´s last blog post ..Halfway

      1. Ashleigh says:

        Loving all the tent pics. What a great purchase – he’s so in love with his circus tent! Have fun doing grown-up things this week. My grown-up things are much more boring than yours, signing a new lease, figuring out how to move into a new, tiny apt by March 1st, and transferring ALL bills online. Wish I was having dinner with you and the gals this Friday instead!

        1. Melissa says:

          Yay new oven!! I was ready to throw ours out and fire bomb it, but then I put an oven thermometer inside and turns out it’s calibrated perfectly. So now I’m figuring out how to love it. Even though I secretly hate it.
          Melissa´s last blog post ..A Few Things For Which I’m Grateful

          1. sizzle says:

            Who doesn’t love a circus tent? So cute!

            Hope you have the most fun on your grown up outtings. :-)
            sizzle´s last blog post ..Being Neighborly

            1. Angella says:

              My kids had a blue IKEA tent and LOVED it. Henry is the cutest.
              Angella´s last blog post ..Dream A Little Dream

              1. Emily (The Culinary Couple) says:

                Hooray for the circus tent! I hope Henry loves it as much as Sam does.
                Emily (The Culinary Couple)´s last blog post ..Weekend in Chicago

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