Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

Baby’s First Cultural Event

Last weekend, during the Saturday morning news, there was a commercial for the Chinese New Year celebrations at the Lan Su Chinese Garden in Portland. When the commercial came on, Henry stopped what he was doing and walked over to look up at the TV. He waved his arms around and got pretty fired up when he saw the lions, so after checking the schedule of the weekend’s festivities, we decided to take him to see the Lion Dance in person.

We arrived at the garden and found that one half of Portland was in line for the garden.  While waiting to pay our admission, we marveled at how this amazingly serene garden is right smack in the middle of Old Town Portland. We peeked through the openings in the walls of the gardens and saw what looked like a few people inside. After paying (kids under 5 are free!) we went inside to find that the other half of Portland was already inside waiting for the dance to start.

Sadly, we weren’t able to find a good spot for Henry to see the dancing. Rookie mistake: assuming that we could show up 15 minutes before an event and expecting to find a good spot to watch. But, just as we were getting ready to give up hope and go to lunch, we saw that the lions were coming around the perimeter of the garden. Bill got the camera ready and tried to find the perfect place to capture Henry’s reaction when he saw the lion.

Here he comes!

And…Henry is not impressed.

After the lion was long gone, Henry lifted his head and pointed his arm in the direction that the lion went as if to say, “Hey! Did you see that thing?” He’s really not one to show his cards, so maybe he loved it, I guess we’ll never know.

We snapped a couple more pictures of the gardens and went to lunch. We’ll try the Chinese Garden again when he’s a bit bigger. If you have an older child, however, there are tons of fun activities going on to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Definitely check those out.


P.S. Writing this post has reminded me of one of my favorite books as a child, Big Bird in China. I’m going to need to try and track a copy down for Henry.

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  1. Angella says:

    I’ve been there! There weren’t any dragons, though. Such a pretty place and I’m sure Henry will love visiting them as he grows up. :)
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