Tuesday, February 5th, 2013

Tuesday Bullets

    • Greetings from our Germy Home! All three of us have had the stomach bug at different times over the past couple weeks and it was the worst. We’re all feeling better and will hopefully stay that way.
    • My to-do list has been majorly neglected as of late.  I’m hoping to get some things marked off this week
    • I shared some spring favorites over at The Tichenor Family Blog. Go check it out and add Meredith to your reader if you don’t know her already. 
    • OUR NEW STOVE IS HERE. Oh, it is amazing. We didn’t realize that we didn’t have the correct electrical outlet for it to plug into, so it took some electrical work. But, it’s here, it’s installed and things are being cooked in normal amounts of time. 


  • I have very short hair now. Whoorl posted this haircut a couple weeks ago and I fell in love with it. My hair type is SO different than the model’s, but I went ahead and brought the picture to my hair stylist anyway. We talked about the length and decided a similar style would work. Seven inches! GONE! 
  • I loved having long hair, but I was wearing it up all the time, which kind of defeats the purpose of long hair. Hoping this will be easier to style (and less tempting for Henry to yank on). 
  • What are you cooking this week? I’m grocery shopping today but I am totally stumped as to what we should eat this week. 
  • I think Henry is trying to drop down to one nap a day. I AM TERRIFIED. The 2-3-4 Schedule has been my BFF for months now and I was hoping we could continue the relationship until at least 18 months. 
  • How was your weekend?


Comments on this post

  1. Liz says:

    Love your hair!!

    I am no help in the grocery department, sadly. We ended up going out to dinner last night because we couldn’t decide what to make. Or more accurately, we couldn’t figure out what to make from what randomness lies in our cabinets and fridge.
    Liz´s last blog post ..A Day in the Life – Morning Edition

    1. Kristabella says:

      I love that length on you!
      Kristabella´s last blog post ..Day 26

      1. Britt says:

        Oh my gosh!! You are so skinny!!!

        1. Janssen says:

          I LOVE your hair!
          Janssen´s last blog post ..Sisters Share It All: One Hour Refashion

          1. Home Sweet Sarah says:

            Your hair looks gorgeous. GORGEOUS.

            We’re having quiche for dinner tonight and I am very excited.

            LG went to one nap a day around 15 months, I think, but only because she moved up a grade (hah) and the bigger kid class does one nap a day. One isn’t so bad, but I did love that 2-3-4, so I understand.

            1. Meaghan says:

              I love your haircut!
              And I’m glad you guys are feeling better after all that sickness.
              Meaghan´s last blog post ..Hope

              1. CharlieSue says:

                Your hair! You! EVERYTHING! is ADORABLE.
                CharlieSue´s last blog post ..Things that sound fun

                1. slynnro says:

                  Um, you look so skinny!

                  1. Nanette says:

                    Yes, yes, yes with the hair! Love it!
                    Nanette´s last blog post ..Bump Watch 2013: 39 Weeks

                    1. Emily (The Culinary Couple) says:

                      Don’t fight the move to one nap! It was tough to figure out for a few days, but now it’s wonderful. Sam sleeps for a solid 2-3 hours every afternoon, and it is glorious. Also, you look amazing! Love the haircut.
                      Emily (The Culinary Couple)´s last blog post ..Sixteen Months

                      1. Angella says:

                        You are the cutest.
                        Angella´s last blog post ..Ladies Love Nathan

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