Tuesday, April 9th, 2013

Tuesday Bullets

    • Hello! Hope you had a wonderful weekend.
    • We finally got some news on B’s knee on Wednesday and I’m happy to hear that it’s not as serious as we had originally thought, though he will require some surgery at the beginning of May. Until then, he has physical therapy to get some of his strength back and the swelling down.
    • I’m a little fatigued from doing all the lifting – heavy and otherwise around the house and with the baby, but my reward (a girls weekend in SC!) is just around the corner. Cannot wait.
    • B’s brother came over on Sunday to play with Henry and I was able to get out for a couple of hours on my own, which was a nice treat.

Stripes for the whole family.

    • I’ve been going to Barre3 about 3 times a week for the past couple months and I am loving it. I’m seeing some definition in my arms and abs and can feel myself getting stronger. There’s a childcare area for Henry and he seems to enjoy the toys and the gals working there. Fun for both of us!

The brighter the shoe, the faster you go?

    • Despite the nasty weather on Sunday morning, Henry and I were able to get out for a quick neighborhood run. Henry says “doggy” now, which sounds more like “GEE-DA! GEE-DA!” and it was hilarious to hear his little voice say “GEE-DA” every time we came across a dog.
    • Speaking of baby language, Henry brought me this on Friday and said, “CHEE!” So. Damn. Proud.



  • I’ve been sucked into the Real World: Portland. I used to watch every season of both the Real World and Road Rules religiously back when I could stay up past 8:30 p.m. When I was younger, I used to think it would be “SO COOL!” for the Real World to come here but now that I’m old and motherly, I was pretty annoyed to hear that they’d be filming here. I just don’t want them giving this place a bad name. The first episode was pretty predictable, though I felt ESPECIALLY old when they went to some club that I had never heard of (Couture? What? Where?). Anyway, I’ll be watching this season, with judgey eyes.
  • Oh! I finally placed an Everlane order and I am in love. I have been looking for a good belt for a while now and ordered their High-Low belt. It arrived yesterday and it is seriously the perfect belt. I also ordered a t-shirt and am super excited for that to arrive.
  • What’s new with you? 


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  1. jcristg says:

    yay for SC!
    jcristg´s last blog post ..Cheesy Beef Cups

    1. Margot says:

      so glad you’re liking barre3! Its still my favorite was well…the results are so tangible =)

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