Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013

Of Germs and Guilt


When I’m done here, I think I’ll go lick all the germy things.

For the most part, preschool has been a wonderful experience for our little guy. His language has exploded and he has the best time there. We see snippets of his day through pictures and we really couldn’t be happier with the school we chose. It’s a magical little place and we love it.

What’s not so magical about preschool is the GERMS. We were warned by several people that our entire family would succumb to random illnesses after he started school. But, I guess we just weren’t prepared for the quantity and…quality of illnesses. In six weeks, Henry has come down with Roseola (which required a trip to the ER, because of some twitching his doctor was scared might be a febrile seizure) Hand, Foot and Mouth and now Croup, which also required at trip to the ER for a breathing treatment. So, the toddler illness trifecta, yes? I know he has to build his immune system up somehow, and if he doesn’t do it now, it will be when he starts Kindergarten in a few years, when he’ll miss out on actual school days. Each morning that I kiss his sweet (and germy) face goodbye at school drop-off, I begin my daily guessing game of “Which Childhood Illness Will He Bring Home Next?”

On our most recent trip to the local emergency room, the doctor asked if Henry was typically a healthy guy. To which we replied, “Well…he was. Until he started preschool.” She kicked my mommy guilt into high gear when she mentioned that cold and flu season probably isn’t the best time to start a child into preschool. She then twisted the knife by mentioning that now might be a good time to go cold turkey on his beloved pacifier. Slather on the guilt, Lady Doctor.

I know this won’t be the last time he’s sick, but one can hope that there’s some sort of “Buy Two, Get One Free” deal on emergency room visits.


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  1. Megan @ Mama Bub says:

    Way to go ER doc. I mean… what are you supposed to do? There is NO ideal time for kids to start preschool. The germs fly fast and furious. We had double pink eye and an ear infection, and have had three random fevery things since August. Benjamin was sick alllll the way through his first year of preschool, and then not at all sick the next year. Not once. Hang in there, mama.
    Megan @ Mama Bub´s last blog post ..DIY (No-Sew!) Burlap Runner

    1. Liz says:

      We’ll likely be starting D in daycare/preschool in early Dec and I am TERRIFIED of all the germs and sickness that is bound to plague our family.

      1. Meredith K A says:

        That doctor is a giant jerkwad jerkface mcjerkerson. I am giving her a mental punch in her jerky jerk face.
        Meredith K A´s last blog post ..Just back from a jog

        1. Kristabella says:

          What a douche! This happens to every kid who starts going to school or day care. It’s the same as when I started commuting to work on the train as opposed to driving. More exposure to germs = you tend to get sick more!

          Hopefully this is it! Feel better Henry!
          Kristabella´s last blog post ..When in Hungary, Drink Like A Hungarian!

          1. Blythe says:

            We started daycare the October that T was about 18 months old and it was a germ-fest for the first year, but it got better! And he hung on to the binky until he was three but had no problem giving it up when he was ready. (It involved bribery and LEGOs and it totally worked.)

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