Monday, November 11th, 2013

And, now you are two

I’m not sure how it happened this quickly, but apparently I have a two-year old. I’ve been reminiscing a lot lately about the day he was born and the two years we’ve spent together as a family of three. I hate the gushy “I LOVE BEING A MOM!!!!!” declarations you see on Facebook and the like, but it’s true. Being Henry’s mom is the best job I’ve ever had. It’s hard work, being the parent of a toddler. But the rewards? Oh, the rewards are fantastic.

A few months ago, he started doing this thing where he’s quickly point back at Bill, then me, then back at Bill while saying, “Daddy, Mama, Daddy, Mama, Daddy, Mama…” really quickly. I love it so much that I spend much of my day trying to get him to do it. He’s still doing it, but now he’s added himself into the mix, “Daddy, Mama, Ehn-Ee, Daddy, Mama, Ehn-Ee…”

He loves to “help” around the house, especially with the laundry. The washer and dryer are upstairs in our new house, right in between our bedroom and his and he often asks if it’s time to do laundry. I hand him clothes from the washer and he’ll dutifully load them into the dryer, even sometimes checking the lint trap before he shuts the door and presses the button to turn the dryer on. When we’re finished loading dirty clothes into the washer, I put the soap in and he turns the washer on. We then stand back and watch the water fill the drum. “Here comes the water!” he’ll shriek. I have a feeling he won’t always be so eager to help with household chores, so I’m enjoying this while it lasts.

He gives kisses often and each one is accompanied by an enthusiastic “MWAH.” He’s the best snuggler in the world and during our recent housewarming party he crawled up in just about everybody’s laugh for a quick squeeze. When he hears the door open in the afternoons, he yells “DADDY HOOOOOME!” and races to the door to greet his Dad. He’s obsessed with our cat, Gelsey and spends a few minutes each day draped over the chair she sleeps in murmuring “Nigh nigh Mao.” A few weeks ago she was pretty sick and required a few trips to the vet. As she howled in her carrier on the way to the vet he told her, “Okay, Mao. Okay. I know, Mao.”

School has been the best for our little guy, despite all the bugs he’s bringing home. When we ask what he did at school he’ll say, “Pay duh-duhs (trucks). Pay wheels. Pay ow-side.” One of his classmates is also in his Music Together class and he lights up when he sees his friend arrive. A few weeks ago, at the end of class, he went up to his friend and said, “Hug Adam!’ The two sat together and held hands for the goodbye song. I sat beaming, with tears in my eyes.

Happy birthday, my sweet boy. You are the very best thing and our lives are better because of you. I am so very proud to be your Mama.



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  1. K says:

    Oh, he is precious. Happy birthday!
    K´s last blog post ..And in the distance she heard a sad trombone.

    1. Ash says:

      He is the most special 2 year-old I know! And he is just as lucky to have you as his Mom. Enjoy this celebratory day with your darling Henry.

      1. Kristabella says:

        Happy birthday Henry! You are the cutest kid out there!

        Happy birth day to you too, Mom!
        Kristabella´s last blog post ..The Hills Are Aliveā€¦And Burning My Lungs

        1. Nanette says:

          TWO?! So fast! Sweet, sweet Henry, happy birthday!

          1. Angella says:

            He is the CUTEST. But how is he TWO?
            Angella´s last blog post ..Mach 5

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