Hydration 101

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I drink water in my sleep. I really, truly do. I go to bed with a full glass of water every night, and I wake up in the morning and it’s gone. Staying hydrated at night is apparently easy for me. During the day? Sometimes not so much. Sure, it’s easy to keep hydrated at work, when there’s a water cooler just feet from your desk. But, many of my days, especially in the summer are spent out of the office – in the car going from meeting to meeting.

The days that I plan well are the best days. I pack snacks (there’s one day in particular that I have a meeting that ends at 11:30 and another one that begins at noon, provisions on this day are crucial), a water bottle and several packets of Crystal Light.

Planning well is important now, but it will be even more important in a few weeks when the temperature starts to rise. Picture me, pink laptop bag thrown over my shoulder booking it in downtown Portland to an important meeting, most likely with a poor footwear choice on my feet. Unprepared Rhiannon shows up with a red-face and dry mouth and succumbs to a diet soda, or even worse, COFFEE. She guzzles her beverage down and is STILL THIRSTY. Prepared Rhiannon probably still has that red face, because it’s hot out, but has been able to stay hydrated all day with her trusty water bottle filled with pink lemonade (my Crystal Light flavor of choice, this really shouldn’t shock you). Also, picture her colleagues looking on with jealousy because they’re not so prepared.

Having options on hand to fight my hunger and thirst make it easier for me to avoid unhealthy snacks and drinks on the go. Grabbing a drive through soda is easy, but you’ve got to admit, tearing off the corner of a packet of Crystal Light and emptying it into a bottle of tap water is even easier. Even better, there’s no guilt afterwards and you’re even saving money.

Tell me, for a chance to win $100…how do you plan to stay hydrated this summer? You can also earn extra entries by tweeting and/or blogging about this contest. I’ll be writing about this each week, giving you more chances to win! Also, be sure to stop by and visit the other bloggers for more chances to win $100 as well as BlogHer for a chance to win $1000!

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