Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013

Of Germs and Guilt


When I’m done here, I think I’ll go lick all the germy things.

For the most part, preschool has been a wonderful experience for our little guy. His language has exploded and he has the best time there. We see snippets of his day through pictures and we really couldn’t be happier with the school we chose. It’s a magical little place and we love it.

What’s not so magical about preschool is the GERMS. We were warned by several people that our entire family would succumb to random illnesses after he started school. But, I guess we just weren’t prepared for the quantity and…quality of illnesses. In six weeks, Henry has come down with Roseola (which required a trip to the ER, because of some twitching his doctor was scared might be a febrile seizure) Hand, Foot and Mouth and now Croup, which also required at trip to the ER for a breathing treatment. So, the toddler illness trifecta, yes? I know he has to build his immune system up somehow, and if he doesn’t do it now, it will be when he starts Kindergarten in a few years, when he’ll miss out on actual school days. Each morning that I kiss his sweet (and germy) face goodbye at school drop-off, I begin my daily guessing game of “Which Childhood Illness Will He Bring Home Next?”

On our most recent trip to the local emergency room, the doctor asked if Henry was typically a healthy guy. To which we replied, “Well…he was. Until he started preschool.” She kicked my mommy guilt into high gear when she mentioned that cold and flu season probably isn’t the best time to start a child into preschool. She then twisted the knife by mentioning that now might be a good time to go cold turkey on his beloved pacifier. Slather on the guilt, Lady Doctor.

I know this won’t be the last time he’s sick, but one can hope that there’s some sort of “Buy Two, Get One Free” deal on emergency room visits.


Thursday, October 10th, 2013

Friday Bullets

  • OH HEY. Guess what? Preschool germs are brutal, that’s what. In the month that Henry has been at school he’s had both Roseola and Hand, Food and Mouth. What next, universe?
  • Other than the ridiculous germs, preschool has been amazing. Henry’s language has exploded and he has such a good time there. I see pictures throughout the day and in every single one of them he is filled with glee. It does my heart good knowing that he’s so well cared for there.
  • And, my transition back to work has been good. Things have been a bit slow, but it’s been nice to work with people I’m familiar with. Also, it’s fun to dress like a grown-up again.
  • One of my very favorite brands, Splendid, has opened a store in Portland. GOODBYE MONEY! They’re hosting a grand opening party next Wednesday. Meet up with me and let’s buy lovely, comfy clothes together, okay? Details here.
  • You’ve heard me wax poetic about Barre3 before, but I cannot stop. I love it so. On Monday, I’ll be starting the Barre3 Fall Challenge. What does that entail? Five studio classes a week and healthy, healthy eating. I’ve really gotten off track since our move and am looking forward to getting myself back to where I need to be.
  • Henry has a play kitchen that falls in and out of favor. This week it’s definitely in favor and he’s been hard at work over there cooking up various things. He brought me a piece of play fruit the other day and I asked, “Is it organic?” He said “ah-gan-ic” and then walked away. Yesterday, he brought me another piece of play fruit and said, “Is ah-gan-ic, Mama!” He’s fitting in quite nicely here in Portland.
  • Also, we had quinoa for dinner last night and he kept pointing at it on his plate and exclaiming, “DOTS!”
  • Disclaimer: he did not eat any of his “dots.”
  • What do you have planned for the weekend? We’re going to hit up the BIG Hanna outlet sale, take Henry to the pumpkin patch and of course watch some Oregon football. Go Ducks!
  • Happy weekend, friends!


Tuesday, September 17th, 2013

Back to Work and Off to School


Since we last spoke, there have been some big changes in our world.

We bought a new house, moved, sold our old one, (in that order, because we really like to fly by the seat of our pants over here), took a kid-free trip to Napa, sent Henry to school and I went back to work.


More on the house later, I promise.

We’ve been thinking about finding a little “school” for Henry for quite some time. We do go to a lot of playdates, classes and activities (We’re Mr. Ben groupies), but we felt like Henry might need some time to learn without being under the watchful and micro-managing eye of his mother.

We toured a couple schools and then decided that maybe we needed to wait a bit longer as we weren’t impressed. One school had some outdoor space that seemed really unsafe to me and another school had a questionable staff turnover rate. Thankfully, we found my dream school for Henry shortly after. We put him on the waitlist and crossed our fingers.

Right around the time we learned that a spot had opened for Henry, I received an email from my former employer asking if I’d be interested in covering for a former colleague’s maternity leave. And, well…I was about to have some time on my hands.

The decision to go back was easy, honestly. I loved my job and this was an opportunity to do very similar work on a part-time basis.Which honestly is something that I had hoped for after Henry was born. I don’t plan to be a full-time stay-at-home-mom for the rest of his childhood and this is a great opportunity to test the waters AND get something on my resume to fill an almost two-year gap. Plus, I get to work with a bunch of people I really, truly like and have missed.

So, win-win.

Now, on to Henry. His first day of school was great and there were no tears (from him). Bill had the morning off and we had breakfast at Tasty and Sons where I cried several times (I was just really emotional about the Potatoes Bravas) and went to Pottery Barn to buy a TV console where I also cried. His school is 5 minutes from our house, but I left 45 minutes before school was over to ensure I’d be there the second pick-up time started. When I walked in, I expected to see him in a heap on the floor crying for his beloved Mama. But, nope. His teacher said they kept waiting for him to cry, but every time they looked over at him, he was downright gleeful. He even took a nap.

Unfortunately, the first week of new germs were a little too much for our boy and he came down with a nasty virus on Friday. He still had a fever during the day Sunday and therefore could not go to school on Monday so it took some creative scheduling to figure out how someone could be home with Henry and I could be at my first day of work. But, we did it. And, I wore dry-clean only clothes for an entire day, which is the true victory, honestly.


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